Rest renew glow

Beauty,Health,6 May 2015

I’m not a makeup junkie but I love taking pampering my skin and trying new products. I always prefer natural products and I like them to be as clean as possible. I actually only wear makeup for work and approximately 20% of my free time. Keeping my skin looking and feeling fresh is what’s most important to me, and I love the feeling of a completely clean face.

My skin has not always (and is not always) great. Post pregnancy my skin was a disaster and I struggled with break outs and hormonal zits. Normally my skin type is very sensitive and needs a lot of moisture.

I thought I’d share my top skincare tips and things I find important to keep in mind. Some of these might be very obvious but sometimes a little reminder won’t hurt.


-When buying cosmetics try to ditch open jars and go for tubes or pump bottles. Open jars attract bacteria from your fingers, the bottom of your bag, pocket (you name it) which in turn will end up on your face/ lips/ body etc.

-I personally choose to stay away from fragranced skincare products. Perfume, both synthetically or naturally produced are very allergenic. It is not the scent per say that is allergenic, it is when the fragrance get’s in touch with air. 

– Apply foundation using your clean hands. Makeup brushes and sponges can get very nasty and filled with bacteria if you don’t wash them often enough. 

-Opt for homemade face masks, scrubs and oils. The internet is full of great face mask recipes and other great home made products perfect for whatever your skin might crave. 

-Wash your face both morning and evening using gentle cleansing products. We are way too harsh on our skin so make sure your makeup remover is gentle and always use a toner to get rid of the rests of your makeup and to close up pores.

-Give your face a chance to breathe by having makeup free days regularly, but always keep up your skincare routine.

-Do not ever go to bed with makeup on! Our skin is our largest organ. Give it a chance to rest and renew itself by always going to bed with a clean face.

-Wear sunscreen. Quantity is more important than quality in this case. SPF 30 is usually enough.

-Stay hydrated. Almost every function in our bodies require water so fill up on that H2O.

-Sweat out your toxins. Sweating by exercising or in the sauna is not only good for your body, blood flow and heart, but it gives your skin a healthy color and glow.


Photo by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki

Let’s cleanse

Beauty,13 March 2015

This morning I took a glimpse at my windows and realized they need to be cleaned as soon as possible. The windows are dirty and dusty but the fact that I recognized that only means one thing, it’s spring! When going towards sunnier days and longer nights I need to shake off this dark and cold winter we have behind us (knock on wood). I want to feel energized, light and clean. A spring cleaning of my home is already in it’s full bloom but now I need to start working on both my mind, lifestyle and appearance. I need to cut down even more on salt and sugar and remember to sweat more every week. Sweating is extremely important, especially for my skin. I do have to point out that I am not particularly found of detoxing in general, I mean diet wise (juice cleanses). But that’s a whole different story :).

As I’ve mentioned before I prefer to use natural products as much as I can. I don’t use any perfume and I want all of my skin care products to be as clean as possible. Both my skin and hair get enough of heavy products when I work, so I try to focus on keeping my daily rituals and products as skin friendly as possible.


This morning I used this Detox ultra purifying mud mask from Mádara . It instantly clarifies (and made my pores appear much smaller) and the mud binds toxins and heavy metals and helps to eliminate them. Having great masks and products at home is perfect when I want to pamper myself but don’t have the time to go to a cosmetologist for a facial.  I can highly recommend this mask especially if you have impurities or oily skin!

I am a true believer in changing products constantly. If I use the same products for too long my skin gets lazy and I feel like the effect slowly decrease. Also, I think it’s important to really make sure to give your skin what it wants at that specific moment. Maybe your skin doesn’t need as much moisture during the summer as it does in January? Right now my skin needs freshness (and miracles for that matter), so these Time Miracle products will be great for me for some time forward. And oh, I am very big on serums especially ones that are silicone free like this anti-age serum!

I’m also currently trying this Deep Moisture Cream and I’m hoping this tinted moisturizer will be perfect when I get some color on my cheeks and freckles on my nose ;).



* In collaboration with Mádara