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personal,7 February 2016
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Something I love but rarely have the opportunity to do now a days is to stay in bed, snack on something delicious and watch movies. I never watch tv and I think I’ve seen about two movies in the past two years.

Since I have the luxury in life to have won the in-law lottery, I spoiled myself by watching two movies in a row yesterday while Greta was spending quality time with her grandparents.¬†Movies are a perfect way to escape everyday chores, and something I find very relaxing and empowering. Great movies and books always inspire me and help me create new ways of thinking. I’ve made a post about some of my favorite movies here, but now I have a few more to add on my list. Absolutely love these ones. Especially Brothers. It’s a must watch.


The painted veil

Love and other impossible pursuits

The nanny diaries

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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Pictures by Dora Dalila

movie time

personal,12 April 2015

Today has been a beautiful day. We woke up, cuddled in bed, ate breakfast and drove to the barn to watch my baby sister horseback ride. Greta loves (!) horses and talks about them all the time so her eyes lit up like stars when she got to pet and even sit on the back for a minute.

Last night me and a friend went to the movies. I am a real movie junkie or at least I used to be,
pre- motherhood. I get extremely inspired by movies and they have a big impact on me emotionally. I used to only watch drama and indie movies but now a days I prefer very light subjects and upbeat films. I find there isn’t enough time to dwell, analyze and ride through personal journeys just from watching movies, so I want to limit the intake by keeping it light, simple and comfortable. And yes, I am one of those people who can watch the same movie over and over and over and over and over agin without ever getting tired.

Here are some of my all time favorite movies in no specific order:


Lost in translation

Requiem for a dream

The notebook

The machinist

A beautiful mind

The march of the penguins