in my new booties

Outfit,10 January 2015

Do you like my new shoes? I actually got them just before Christmas but I haven’t had the chance to wear them much yet (and I haven’t had the time to have my cobbler put in rubber soles either which is a must).

Almost all of my shoes are black but most of them very classic. These are something completely else and I love how they toughen up any outfit.¬†Ankle boots in general are my new best friends. I like to wear them all around the year combined with jeans, stockings and bare legs. They give support to my ankles which makes it so much easier to walk, and they don’t make the outfit too dressy. Love!

When it comes to the rest of my outfit I wanted to keep things simple and feminine. This cape has been a really good purchase so far and I know I’ll wear it over and over again as soon as the temperature allows. A piece like this is also perfect when traveling! It goes with everything!

I’m all about good outerwear and shoes because that’s what we get seen in every day. What we wear underneath can be the simplest pieces with fun accessories! This way you won’t get tired of yourself when you leave the house each morning, and that’s what’s most important ;).

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cape zara// jeans acne// shoes louboutin//bag and earrings chanel

Pictures by Dora Dalila

Time for nightmares

Outfit,3 December 2014

Good afternoon ladies! I’ve slept so good and deep for the last couple of days that I even had the opportunity to dream. It was a nightmare but that’s better than nothing I guess :). I actually don’t mind nightmares that much. It’s weird I know but even though I usually dream a lot and my nightmares are terrible, I love the feeling of waking up in peace next to my family and realize that it was all just a dream.

Every time I start to work on a post I always find myself talking about the most random things! In my defense I have to say that it’s actually really difficult coming up with something smart to say every day to thousands of unknown readers. I wish I could just post outfit pictures and not have to make a fool out of myself talking about ridiculous things that don’t have anything to do with anything.

Now you might wonder why I write if I feel like I don’t have anything intelligent to say? I write because I find myself only following blogs that I feel like I kind of know the person behind it. I like to look at pictures and I get inspired and all that, but I need to feel some kind of connection with the person. I even follow some blogs only because I like the person and not because we have similar taste in style or share the same interests.

What do you think? Do you prefer only pictures or do you also prefer to get a glimpse of the person behind the blog?



coat mango// collar zara// knit dress benetton// shoes esprit// bag chanel