Home decor vol.2

interior,14 November 2019

Project home is proceeding slowly but stress free. We have met a few amazing interior architects and think we’ve found a perfect match. I’m continuing to daydream about decorative sealings, clutter free spaces and a minimalistic lifestyle where every item me have, have its specific place.

Right now I’m thinking I want a brushed chevron wood floor, a white kitchen where everything is more or less hidden behind cabinet doors, wild looking marble imitation with a color theme and look of spilled coffee. I’m thinking more soft and warm tones of toffee than the grey -ish we have right now. I know this mood board is more grey, but just saying ;). However, I need to think everything through a hundred times, because I really want to be sure we won’t get tired of the choices. Planning is everything and for once, I don’t want to rush into anything.

Hope you like this second mood board as much as I do.


Pictures: Pinterest