personal,2 March 2015

Yet another long work day is finally over and it’s time for me to slow down and collect my thoughts and feelings. Today on my walk to work I came to realize something. I need less impressions in my life. I am always on my phone in one way or another. Either I’m listening to a podcast (love podcasts!), music, on the phone, scrolling through instagram, answering emails, reading something or listening to a lecture. My behavior hasn’t been a problem until now when my days have become super hectic and long.

I have been working a lot while studying for my exams, attending lectures, blogging and taken care of a child that’s still at home. I need to be quiet to be able to think in peace and quiet. I need to take a break from all the impressions I constantly get all through out the day. Even though I find podcasts and music very inspiring and relaxing I need to focus more on my own thoughts and feelings. We get enough impressions just by living a normal life excluding tv, internet, blogs, podcasts, music, books etc.

I thought I’d share this realization with you since I know many of us struggle with this. Maybe we can make this decision together and start working towards a less impression filled lifestyle. Wonder how it would feel to go for a walk without listening to anything else but nature and myself? Weird but good I guess…

Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015

Picture by Dora Dalila