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Outfit,4 April 2015
Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Hey there sweet you! Hope you’re doing well and munching on those chocolate eggs by now. Yesterday I had a shooting in the morning but in the evening we had some friends over for dinner. We had a fabulous night and Easter kicked off in the best way possible, by eating in great company.

Today me and sissy attended the flea market arranged at Kaapelitehedas and I of course didn’t leave empty handed. I bought a couple of gorgeous lace pieces and a coat I know I’ll wear a lot. If I can squeeze myself in it will say :D. I’m definitely gonna take some outfit pictures wearing them as soon as possible.

Soon we are heading towards my mum’s place and I really hope she’s hidden some easter eggs for the “children” (meaning me and my sisters of course, never mind the grand children haha). Just wanted to say that I like you quite a bit and wish you a very happy Easter!


Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

cardigan monki// knit marks & spencer (gifted) // jeans acne// scarf louis vuitton//
boots stuart weitzman// bag chanel

Pictures by Dora Dalila

Our Love Story

Uncategorized,1 March 2015

Sofia Ruutu OOTD
I have lost my heart to the color green. It’s so random I know because I’ve never really liked green and I don’t think it has much to do with the fact that it’s such a current color right now. I think it all started last summer when I saw a gorgeous blond girl walk around town wearing an olive green maxi dress. She made my heart beat faster and that’s how this love story begun.

This skirt is brand new and I’m so happy I finally decided to press the purchase bottom. Suede is a very luxurious and rich material but also extremely sensitive which is why I was so unsure wether to get it or not. Now I just have to make it my job to keep dirty little baby fingers on a distance.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!


Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

knit santosh//skirt hm trend// bag saint laurent// shoes louboutin

Pictures by Dora Dalila