Today is worth celebrating

Health,personal,3 February 2015

In an interview I did recently I said that I opt to make each and every day special. I’m afraid to let days just pass by which is why I want to make every day memorable in one way or another. It’s not about doing spectacular things all the time or doing things that cost a lot. It’s about creating lovely moments and remembering to recognize and reflect over them.

I consider making our days more lovely in the most simplest ways benefit both our health and mood since it reminds us to live in the now, take a moment for ourselves and enjoy life.

Here are a few tips on how to add that little extra to an ordinary Tuesday :

– wake up earlier and enjoy breakfast in bed

– lunch date with a friend

– pick up dessert on the way home

– enjoy a warm bath with relaxation music in the background

– body scrub

– say yes more and say no without explaining

– lit candles and enjoy a long dinner

– go for a little walk with your partner/ friend just before bed (best conversations ;))

– movie night at home

– clean sheets

– write down positive things about your day or yourself in a journey

– make exceptions! Things we do that differ from our everyday habits and routines usually feel exciting and luxurious and become memorable.

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Birthday girl

Outfit,30 January 2015

Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015
Yay! It’s my birthday and I’ve officially reached my “adult” age ;D! When I was a child 27 was the age I considered to be the ultimate age of a grown up. I’m still a child at heart but I’ve learned to take responsibility and I have loads of experience behind me. I feel very at ease at this point of my life and I’m comfortable where I stand. I would never want to be a teenager again and every year I feel like I’m getting closer to my “peak” age.

Because I’m not big on celebrating any day more than the other, I’m spending this day at home with my family, studying and later we’re heading out for dinner with my mum and her bf! This day has been filled with sunshine and all those wonderful little things I like the most.

Hope your having a sunny Friday filled with all the things you value the most :)!


Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015Sofia Ruutu OOTD 17.1.2015

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