Get focused

Health,personal,24 February 2015

In these times of exams, projects, deadlines, work, hobby’s, family and everything else we need and want to get done in our every day lives, focus and staying organized is more important than ever! I’m not saying we can’t do it all because we totally can (!) but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves of just that, and gather the tools of how to get there! Here are my best tips on how to stay focus and organized working towards my goals.

– Write every single thing you need to get done down on paper, in a calendar or on you phone. It doesn’t matter where you choose to keep your “to do list” as long as everything is collected in one particular place and you remember to look at it every morning!

–  Sit down with your partner, friends, nanny or other support person to plan ahead week by week. You need to know ahead of time what to do and focus on day by day, hour by hour.
– Be realistic! You will need to take time for lunch, grocery shopping, exercising and other things that are part of regular life.

– Do what you need to do when you need to do it. Stick to your deadlines!!!

– Say no without explaining! I can’t stress this one enough and I suck at it myself. I have to learn not to take on more jobs, projects and responsibilities when I know I don’t have the time to do so.

– Prioritise. If you have a really tight schedule turn down invitations, events and other time consuming things that only result in feeling guilty. Explain the situation to your friends and family and make sure to contact them as soon as you have more time on your hands again. They will understand!

– Do not neglect you health! There is no better time to take extra good care of yourself  as when you have your hands full and feeling a bit stressed.

– Be present. If you work then work and if you spend time with your family do that without any disturbance and thoughts about could haves, should haves and would haves. I have invented a new rule for myself. When I’m with my daughter I focus on being present with her without glancing at my phone every other minute and trying to answer just that one email I need to get done.

–  Accept that no one is perfect! We might be able to juggle a million different things all at once, but we are not perfect! Sometimes things don’t turn out just the way we wanted and sometimes we don’t perform as we could have if we had been able to give our very best. That’s life so we’d better just accept it and move on.

– You will never be done with your “to do’s”. There will always be new tasks, deadlines and things to accomplish, so remember to enjoy the journey (also known as life)  and focus less on the destination.



 Picture by Vilma P