My sister is a keeper

personal,2 December 2015

This week I’m fighting a cold. My throat is soar and I’m coughing a lot. So annoying and not at all how I remembered it to be. Whatever happened to staying in bed all day, watching movies and snacking on yummy feel-good treats all day long? I became a mother. That’s what happened ;). No time to feel sorry for myself, and definitely no mercy or understanding from my two year old. It’s go-go-go all the time, and since she quit her naps I feel like I’m sitting down for the first time at 7 pm when she goes to bed. I also hate not being able to play, sing and goof around with her (not to even mention kissing and hugging), so I have to come up with other ways to entertain her.

Luckily, my extremely missed, beloved and favorite big sister is back from a four week long trip to Australia and Asia. This pretty much means we’ve been hanging impatiently outside her door way too early in the morning, for her and her children to entertain Greta, cook for us and offer my child a space to make a mess of. It only feels ok because it’s family, and that’s why I can’t even describe how happy I am to have sisters to always feel comfortable around, and who I know are always there for me whenever I need it. Being one month a part felt like an eternity and I hope it won’t happen again in a long while, preferably ever.

IMG_0386 IMG_0363 IMG_0414 IMG_0419-2


Pictures by Janita Autio



personal,21 August 2015
Linnea & Sofia20150706_3724

While on the subject sisterhood, I want to show you these pictures of me and my baby sister. She’s six years younger than me, and she’s a true horse girl at heart. Me and my sisters are all very different but we still have many qualities in common.

These pictures were taken earlier this summer when me and Dora visited the barn for a quick photo session (fin the post here). Hanging out with these beautiful animals surrounded by nature was very relaxing and time stopping. I can really understand how easily one can get hooked on this lifestyle. Loved it <3.

Another hooking thing…Shoes! I just got home from playing in the park with Greta, but stopped by one of my favorite shoe stores to check out their final sale selection. I obviously couldn’t help myself when I found a pair of Zanotti heels that I”ve been drooling after for some time now. I’ll wear them as soon as I get a chance, and make sure to snap some pictures to show ;). This weekend is looking very promising in so many ways. Enjoy yourselves!

Linnea & Sofia20150706_3742 Linnea & Sofia20150706_3734 Linnea & Sofia20150706_3739 Linnea & Sofia20150706_3726

Pictures by Dora Dalila