random facts

personal,1 February 2015

I always read magazines starting from the back, Japanese style :).

I  never wear skin colored pantyhose since I really dislike them. I don’t care if it’s freezing cold outside I’d still rather be bare legged.

The best thing I know is getting a scalp massage from a hair dresser. If they cheat I won’t go back. Harsh but true :D.

Fine dining is so not my thing. It mostly makes me irritated, restless and hungry. 

I can’t live without my tongue scraper! I’ve used it as long as I can remember, every day twice a day.

Chipotle mexican grill is my all time favorite fast food chain. When I’m in the States I can easily eat all of my meals there! We even have the Chipotle app :)!

If I could re-live a time of my life I would do my stay in Japan all over again. I was modeling there for three months and during those three months I become a whole new person and had the most amazing experiences.

I value great service a lot but I like it to be casual and relaxed. 5 star resort service with people at your service 24/7 mostly make me uncomfortable.

I’m afraid of spiders. Silly but true.

I usually keep my phone on mute. I can’t stand the thought of always being reachable at all time so I prefer to choose when to take calls and when not. I’m also extremely slow and bad at texting, which is something my friends don’t appreciate since I quite often “forget” to answer :/. So sorry about that (shame on me) !

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