Social eating

Food,7 July 2015
Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

I Rarely eat out nowadays, especially nice and quiet dinners without children in sight. When I get the chance to celebrate something special or me and hubs go out for date night my favorite spots are Farang, Boulevard Social and Bronda. I find the space and atmosphere I eat in very important and these restaurants are nice but still very relaxed and fun. I also really enjoy to share food with the company I’m with so these restaurants are perfect when you want to socialize, taste everything and really experience good food and tastes with your companions.

About a week ago me and Dora went for dinner at Boulevard Social to celebrate her birthday. We really enjoyed ourselves and the food was magical as always. If you haven’t tried any of these restaurants I highly recommend you to try, but remember to book a table well ahead and arrive hungry ;). I also really enjoy sitting by the bar, sharing some snacks and people watch. Love it!

Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD


Pictures by Dora Dalila