Third Drop “souvenirs from the sea”

Fashion,24 June 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Gauhar Helsinki:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Gauhar Helsinki

The inspiration for this summer collection was born from the need to relax, find my way back to mindfulness and my uncurbable craving for vacation.

When I let my mind wander to my happy place, I think about the meditative sound of the ocean, my children picking seashells at the beach, but also the feeling of warm skin all dressed up for dinner, enjoying that first colorful drink or almost frosty glass of wine in the golden light of sunset. All of these feelings and imaginary visions are the inspiration for these pieces I’ve designed. I wanted to make my vacation dream mind- map tangible, because for me, these pieces now represent all of that.

This collection holds three pieces available now both online and in store. The third piece will arrive later and works simply by itself or as a layering piece in addition to the Cross-Barred Venus Chained necklace or any other pieces you treasure.

View and shop the collection here!

Pictures: Janita Autio

lumi and me

Outfit,25 January 2015

Good morning! This weekend has been both good and bad because I’ve been home with a sick child but I’ve also taken my time to do other much needed things like studying. Today I have a home exam on my schedule so you can probably feel my excitement all the way to you :/. I actually hate exams. I black out and get incredible nervous even though I know my stuff. The whole situation makes me feel like a criminal guilty as hell at a police interrogation. Not nice… Wish me luck!

Yesterday I sported my two new gifts I got last week from Lumi. I like wearing Finnish design because I love my country and I want to show my full support. These rose gold heels are great to walk in and the leather smooth as butter. Go check out Lumi shoe store at Unioninkatu 27, 00170 Helsinki!


coat mango// skirt jlindeberg// beanie michael kors// shoes and bag lumi (gifted)

*In collaboration with Lumi