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Outfit,11 December 2014

Yesterday I wore this black dress that I used to wear when I was pregnant. I didn’t buy a single piece of maternity clothing during my entire pregnancy. Not because I didn’t need to. I really couldn’t fit into any of me regular clothes. I was far from one of those women who just get a small bump and wear their regular skinny jeans through out their entire pregnancy. I wore leggings (that I had to cut open at the sides at the end ;)), this dress and my husbands clothes for at least 5 months.

I’m happy I got this dress and saved it, because I’ve been wearing it a lot post pregnancy as well. This time I wore it with my detachable shirt collar which is a fun and easy way to spice up an old dress or top. I love that it makes every outfit look a little bit more preppy and cute, and it saves me from dealing with the bulkiness a regular shirt does when worn underneath.

I’ll save this dress forever since it’s also the best dress to wear during the holiday season. No one will know I ate ten ginger bread cookies instead of three ;).

Have a great day sweeties <3.


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Pretty Preppy

Outfit,personal,6 November 2014

Hi everybody! How has your week been? Despite the weather this morning I took a long walk all the way to Greta’s baby swim.

Today I have been thinking about my studies. I wonder when I will be able to return to school. Next time I go back I hope to get done as much as possible, because it’s quite hard to get back on track after a long break. I am the kind of person who really needs to study a lot to succeed. I have to attend lectures and do my homework as well.  When I study I need to fully focus and concentrate! I guess I am like that when it comes to most things in life. I like to know that whatever I do I give it my all and my very best. That’s the reason I don’t like to juggle too many things at once.

Since I’m a mother things naturally  change. Whatever I do besides being a mother comes second. I have to be honest though, the reason I constantly think about my unfinished  studies is that I have a million more things I would like to study ;D!

I wonder what I’ll end up doing when I grow up, but I trust that life takes me wherever I’m supposed to go. All I can do now is to enjoy the journey with less focus and pressure on the final destination.


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