my favorite cobbler

Fashion,24 January 2015

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You might have noticed that I like shoes :). Especially high heels and Louboutins. Because I’ve decided to invest in good shoes I want to take extra good care of them to make them last as long as possible. I always take my Louboutins to a cobbler to have him/her put in rubber soles for both protection of the shoe and to make them less slippery. I used to use a cobbler on Tehtaankatu but since he sold his business I had to find a new place. I have now tried a new cobbler in Katajanokka and after a few pairs with excellent result I now feel confident to recommend her to you.

She is very gentle with the shoes and the result is very smooth and nice. Each pair of new soles cost 28€. The place is called Haraldin Kenkä and is located on Luotsikatu 5, 00160 Helsinki.

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