Urban morning

Fashion,5 November 2014

Yesterday I started my day by eating the most wonderful breakfast catered by Anton& Anton with a group of fashion bloggers at Urban a. It was a pleasure to finally meet all of these girls in real life, even though most of them feel so familiar already.

I have to say that I really admire each and every one of these girls and all the great work they put into their beautiful blogs. It is a job that requires more time, energy and effort than one could ever imagine and these girls are all so professional and deserve all the success they have achieved!


We enjoyed great coffee and a delicious breakfast while the Urban a crew spoke about the store and their brands. I totally fell for the little black tutu and t-shirt for children, but unfortunately they were still too big for my little girl (and way too small for mama ;)). All in all I had a great start on my day and I am so honored and thankful for the invitation.

Thank you for hosting Alexa, Urban a and Anton & Anton!



your wish is my command

Food,20 October 2014


What a day it’s been today! Running around from one place to another  with a toddler is more challenging than one could imagine;D. I am sorry you haven’t heard much from me today. I thought I’d have a completely blog free day but then I started to miss you and decided to finally answer your questions about my breakfast routines! I have lost count on the amount of times I’ve been asked what I eat for breakfast and I find your curiosity quite funny and cute ;D.  I don’t know what kind of super tips you think I am holding on to but as you will discover my breakfast is pretty simple. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why I really like to take my time and really enjoy myself. If I have a nice and relaxed morning my entire day and mood will be good. My husband always takes care of Greta before he takes off for work and they always bring me my coffee to bed<3. That’s my secret recipe for a great start of the day!

This breakfast below is from when I was in Greece and it covers everything I want and need in the morning. I love eggs and especially scrambled  with whole wheat toast (yum). It goes without saying that my entire day is ruined without my mandatory morning coffee and I also like to have some fresh fruit to finnish of with. If I’m in a hurry I eat yogurt with muesli and I even used to make my own healthy muesli from scratch. Now there is no time or energy to make those kinds of efforts so regular muesli from the grocery store will do.

I hope I answered your questions and if not please ask again and I’ll do my best to answer again :).