The winner takes it all

Fashion,18 August 2015

Morning! Thank you all for taking part in the super fun OGX give away competition on Instagram! I loved looking through your posts. I have chosen two winners @nepstiina and @knirgit! You will get contacted very soon :).


Yesterday was such a productive day for me. Can’t believe all the things I’m able to get done when hubs is home playing with Greta. I’m even going to complete an exam in a week, so I guess I’m thrown back in the game faster than expected. This week is filled with a lot of work, studying but also a lot of family time. I’ts really cool to be an adult I guess. Especially when life is filled with exciting things and surprises that we somehow always seem to tackle. Have  a great day lovelies!


Uncategorized,21 June 2015

Hello new me and hello to you. This weekend has been so relaxing and cleansing. Hanging out in nature and waking up to singing birds with no rush to be anywhere is the best of summer and the best way to leave unimportant things behind and focus on here and now. Greta is as happy as one could possibly get and so is her parents. Another relaxing thing is that when I’m at the cottage I take a brake from everything that has to do with looks. I don’t take as much as a glimpse in the mirror. Freedom.

Next week will be the complete opposite but that’s exactly what I need in life, contrasts. what have you been up to this weekend?

Pictures by Dora Dalila