Outfit,20 December 2014

Hello! I know I promised to post a bout my hair products and it’s coming (I promise) but first I just had to show you my new Stella McCartney Falabella in action. Priorities right ;D? Most of my bags are all worn cross body because it’s so much more convenient while walking around with strollers.

I have really loved and wanted this particular bag for a while now so I was thrilled when I got an offer to trade one of my old bags to this beauty . That’s one of the things I love them most actually, trading. I love replacing something I rarely wear with something new and fun. It also makes me happy seeing someone else giving something of mine a new round.

This bag can be worn in three ways and below I’m sporting it on my shoulder and as a slouchy  clutch. Although I guess it’s mostly worn as a tote. Materialistic happiness at it’s best ;)!


cardigan topshop// tee hm// jeans acne// shoes zara// shawl louis vuitton// bag stella mccartney

Pictures by Matilda

First Aid Kit

Outfit,29 November 2014

Remember when I said I’d purchased something that everybody should own in their closet? I finally got myself a classic black blazer. I love it because it’s a little bit longer and more relaxed looking than most, but still simple and elegant. Best of all, it works with almost everything :). I have already worn it three times and really fallen in  love with the easiness of wearing a blazer.

Now it’s time for me to get back to eating chocolate covered almonds and dance with my silly little girl while listening to my new favorite First Aid Kit. Enjoy your night <3!

IMG_1443IMG_1410 IMG_1424

blazer and collar andiata// jeans acne// boots zara// bag louis vuitton