Superseeds and nettles

Beauty,8 December 2015


*Post in collaboration with Mádara


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Skin care, my favorite subject it seems. I am so happy to continue my collaboration with Mádara, since I do not only believe and stand behind their products, but I also have the luxury to give my own skin the best treatment for the sake of my job :). This time I want to highlight the amazing nettle products, but also this soothing facial oil.


I have recommended these nettle products before, but I’ll do it again since they really suit my sensitive and dry skin, and I know I’m not the only one with this skin type. The daily defense cream is excellent for almost anything, and especially this smaller size is optimal for traveling and carried in the purse. I use it both day and night, and a little here and there wherever it’s needed. Great product which makes life easier. The nettle mist is also perfect when traveling or on the go because it instantly freshens up and gives tired skin a little pick me up.

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Oils. I love oils. All kinds of oils. This oil is perfect for my biggest problem, tight skin. I don’t mean tight as in elastic, youthful and gorgeous. I mean fragile, dry and thirsty. Even though I make sure to use super gentle cleansers, I still feel tightness in my face before moisturizing. Super oils like this soothing hydration facial oil, is the perfect savior. The recommendation is to blend a few drops with your moisturizer, but I personally prefer to apply it all over my face before my night cream. One thing I appreciate with most of Mádara oils is that they are dry oils, which means they absorb almost instantly into the skin. There is no point spending money on something that’s gonna smudge all over your pillow when it’s purpose is to give your skin some relief. This oil itself is something I recommend as a Christmas gift. So beautiful just as it is, as well as luxurious, organic and soothing. Something that adds some feel- good to everyday life. Just what I want my gifts to be.

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