Fashion,4 August 2019

How obsessed can one be about being home and back to our everyday routines? I’ve missed so many people, and now we are busy catching up from dusk till dawn with all these amazing people. Today we are attending a name giving ceremony where after we are going to my sisters to celebrate her kids’ birthdays all at once. My own grandmother is in town too, so on Tuesday we are having them over for dinner. Something I’m very excited about. I haven’t seen her in two years and she’s one of the most kind and positive people I know. Very inspirational.

I need to keep it short today because now I need to go get ready before I go downtown for some shopping. I need to purchase a few things for the kids before they return to daycare and preschool, as well as buy paint and some other essentials for the home. Also, my clothes are for sale at Relove Freda starting today so go take a look if you’re passing by ;). Have a nice Sunday!

top and bag Weekday// skirt Andiata// sandals Zara// earrings Alighieri

Pictures:Juuli Rönkä


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