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Fashion,Outfit,31 May 2016
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Every now and then I find the days just pass me by. Since I’ve talked a lot about fashion and less about everyday life here lately, I thought it was about time for a little update about the things I enjoy the most right now. Summer is here and that itself is as amazing as it gets.

My little girl has taken huge leaps in her development. Her imagination is admirable and beautiful. I get anxiety of the thought of her growing up.

Radio. While spending much more time in the car driving back and forth to the cabin or when visiting relatives we listen to the radio. I love listening to music with my husband. It’s one of those things we’ve always enjoyed.

Time. Even though I work our schedules are more floating. Weekends turn into weekdays. Morning turn into evening without anyone noticing. I don’t care at all. Monday feels as good as Saturday morning. Every day is anxiety free and no deadlines or scheduled appointments can ruin that.

I know I already told you about my interior project here at home. It’s ongoing. The joy I find in getting rid of stuff replaced with things I love is inexplicable.

Warmth. It makes everything easier and more enjoyable. My body feels comfortable. My children are free from restricting layers and being barefoot is as liberating as swimming naked in the lake.

Friends. I spend way too little time with my friends but I do love them. Even though our lives look much more different than when we met, we are still the same deep within. We’ve been spectators of each others lives for so long. In good and in bad and through development and growth. Yet here we are. Knowing that feels safe. So many of my best memories are with my friends.

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