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Fashion,23 November 2019

Greetings from my me-time of 1 hours here in Zürich. Since we’ve pretty much only done child friendly activities, I tied my cropped blazer tight over my dress and pulled on my new knee-high boots only to march straight into the hotel lounge for some peace and quiet and work time. It’s been a couple intense days and I wonder whether I should have gone up a few years in age when I choose my husband, since his energy levels are insane ;)! I’ve never felt more tempted to join my spirit animal: the sloth, when we visited them at the Zoo yesterday. They are amazing btw, and based on their facial expression, they look like they are enjoying their existence. I would too…

This dress I’m wearing in these pictures is an old favorite I’ve had for years (I’m actually wearing it now as we are speaking). It used to be maxi length until I shortened it a few weeks back at my seamstress. Now, I’ve already worn it more than those couple of years I’ve had it, so please don’t hesitate to alter your clothes. I really recommend being brave even if it’s already a nice piece as it is, but for some reason you don’t wear it enough. I’ve gotten so much more joy out of my wardrobe after I lowered the bar to alter my clothes. I’d rather pay for that than to buy another version of something I already have.

Now I’m going to order in, shower and go to bed with the kids because I need a good 12 hours of sleep to keep up with whatever we have scheduled for tomorrow.

Ps. Can’t even get started with The Crown season 3 knowing I’ll have to get used to the new queen. How about you?

knit Cos// dress Andiata// boots Samsoe&Samsoe// bag Coccinelle

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


  • Kepa

    Odotin hirveellä innolla kans kolmatta kautta, mutta en oo pystynyt aloittamaan kun vaihtoivat kuningattaren näyttelijän :( ihastuin niiiiiiiiiin paljon edelliseen.

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Joo sama! Katsoin ensimmäiset 15 minuutta kunnes en vaan pystynyt jatkamaan. Surullista :(, mutta kai sitä vaan on pakko sinnitellä sillä uskon, että kyllä kaikkeen tottuu ja sarja on liian ihana jättää näkemättä.

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