something sweet for valentines

Food,12 February 2015

Hello everyone! Valentines day is coming up which is a perfect opportunity to invite your loved ones for dinner. Here in Finland valentines day is not only about love in a romantic way. It’s more about friendship, which is why it’s called “friends day” in Finnish. I wanted to share one of my favorite dessert recipes with you, since I think it’s well suitable for a girls get together going towards spring :).

This dessert is one of my favorites just because it’s so incredibly simple, tastes delicious and looks fancy! All you need is some sorbet and sparkling wine and it’s done!

This time I used Pappagallo Mango sorbet and KWV sparkling wine rose´ which is a great and affordable option.

It’s important to first only serve the sorbet in the glass and then pour up the sparkling at the table. That’s what brings the wow factor and keeps the dessert looking good for as long as possible ;).

Now all you gotta do is invite some friends over and celebrate your love and friendship.

Happy Valentines day<3


* In collaboration with KWV Sparkling Wine Rose´


  • Meredith

    Yam that looks delious:) Too bad I´m working all weekend so I can´t have any. But maybe I´ll try sometimes. You have any plans for the valentine´s day weekend?

  • Julia

    But you said you didn´t drink alcohol at all?

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Yes that’s right but I can still serve alcohol for my guests, and I usually do ;). I also want to point out that I’m not an absolutist. If I want to take a zip or two of red wine I will but I rarely do. Last time I think was over 3 years ago and then I only had a zip. I just don’t like to drink, especially not the feeling I get when I start to feel tipsy and that happens very quickly because I almost never drink.

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