Fashion,18 June 2019

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Hi darlings! I’m back home after our little holiday and feeling really sad and in pain because of my eye. It hurts so bad and has been getting worse and worse for days now. I’ve visited 4 doctors and gotten more and more medication but even though I’ve been on antibiotics for days now, it’s still not getting any better. It’s a very infected sty and the pressure in my eye is almost unbearable. There is nothing anyone can do but to wait for it to calm down. So, that’s what I have to do. Which sucks. Apparently the infection happened as a result from the permanent eyelash curl I had done before our trip. A price I wish no-one had to pay for vanity.

Oh well, on a more positive note I’m kind of impressed by how my eye can look so extremely disgusting and weird ;). Who knew it could get this swollen without exploding? I didn’t, and trust me, it’s a lot more gross than it looks in my stories but if I would show you the pictures I’m bombarding my friends and family with you would all unfollow :D.

I’m not quite sure if Softgoat appreciates my writings in combination with their beautiful and luxurious knits but let me tell you; I most definitely do appreciate their cashmere knits. Thank you for giving me the softest pick me up in the middle of this monstrous (literally) week. Cashmere always works and is the only thing knitted that I allow to touch my skin. Yes, I’m very snobbish in that way and also, cashmere is amazing also during summer.

I’ve linked some of my favorites below ;)

My top (gifted) here// 1 top here shorts here// 2 here// 3 here// 4 cardigan here tights here top here// 5 sweater here top here// 6 top here scarf here// 7 poncho here shorts here// 8 here


Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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