Snow heaven

Fashion,Travel,8 February 2019

How wonderful can this world be?! During this trip, I’ve seen the beauty of nature in new ways I’ve never experienced before. The snow looks fake, the colors of the sky goes through the entire range of pastel colors to gold before it explodes into a velvety black sky filled with stars. Not to even mention the northern lights! It’s difficult to understand the threats our planet stands in front of when it’s delivering so much beauty, peace and magic all at once. It’s bitter- sweet, but at the same time, I appreciate getting to take part of all of this.

We’ve had some hectic days behind us, but the material looks amazing thanks to this beautiful scenery. Today, I’m done shooting and returning home in the evening. I miss both my kids and my husband, so I’m glad to jump straight into the weekend tomorrow morning. However, the tradition continues… The rest of my family has been fighting the stomach flu this week, so I’m hoping to spare myself from the epidemic.

coat onar (borrowed)// moon boots// leggings, gloves and polo shirt kappahl//beanie samuji

Pictures by Heikki Salonen

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