Snaps from Edinburgh

Travel,28 March 2018

When I travel, I sometimes have the luxury to travel with the most amazing travel companions. Actually, most of the time, which I find to be one of the best parts of my job. Constantly getting to know new people can be exhausting, but as the people lover I am I try to see every opportunity as a chance to learn to know and understand and maybe even make new friends. At least, every new person I meet teaches me something new about myself. Something to keep in mind on those days when we feel anti-social and tired.

This time I didn’t only have a great time in a new beautiful city, I also got to work with new people I’ve never met before. Heikki for example, a super talent already and he’s only 19 years old! Reminds me once again how proud I am of this entire industry I am privileged to work in. Heikki takes incredible pictures and videos and is just generally a great guy. I kindly asked him to snap some pictures during our days in Edinburgh and so he did. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous city. Thank you, Edinburgh, and the entire Balmuir crew for unforgettable days!

Pictures by Heikki Salonen


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