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Fashion,Outfit,13 September 2018

I have done something revolutionary. While I’ve been going through my wardrobe and put away more than half of everything I own, I’ve decided to go up a size. Like this amazing blazer by Stylein. I love that it feels cozy on and looks a bit over sized. I don’t care if the clothes don’t fit me perfectly, but I’m over the anxiety of wearing tight clothes that make me feel claustrophobic. I like my clothes to be loose, that’s it. It feels amazing to admit that to myself and get rid of every single pair of jeans that give me stomach ache.

For those of you who need tips on how to build an easy and airy wardrobe, my best tip is to remind yourself that clothes are just a piece of fabric. Don’t feel bad over pieces you like, but don’t wear for some reason. Get rid of it and you’ll forget you ever had it. However, it’s very important to get rid of clothes responsibly. Recycle, sell or give to charity. Do not throw clothes in the garbage!

My wardrobe (more or less everything I have) will be available for anyone to shop at Relove, Viiskulma starting on September 20. I’ll make sure to keep you updated once we get closer to that date and I will also share more tips on how to get that easy and neat wardrobe.

jacket stylein// knit marks&spencer// jeans levis// shoes zara// bag chanel//sunglasses ray ban// necklace céline

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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