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Uncategorized,15 July 2014
I’ve been thinking about blogs, bloggers, myself as a blogger and social media in general. So many people have blogs, share daily pictures of their lives both on blogs, facebook and instagram for an unlimited amount and unknown people to see. If it’s a good or bad thing I can’t say, but I do know that there are both positive and negative consequences and that it is a part of how the world looks today. 
Some say that eager instagrammers, twitters, facebookers and bloggers are only fishing for affirmation and compliments by posting selfies or their latest fitness update. Yes, I agree that it’s sad if we so badly need approval from others to feel good about ourselves, but sometimes I think it’s simply about sharing our most favorite and memorable moments with others. We have to be able to be genuinely happy for others happiness, without comparing ourselves to others all the time.

Most people post pictures of their most favorite moments in life, because those are the moments that make memories we want to remember the most. Who wouldn’t want to look back on that perfect barbecue dinner in the sunset, a beautiful wedding, nicely dressed children on a special day and  pictures from a relaxing vacation? Sharing is caring and shared happiness is double happiness.

I read blogs to get inspired in one way or another. I read blogs that I can identify myself with and relate to. I read blogs written by bloggers that I look up to and like. I read blogs about people with inspiring sense of fashion, beautiful pictures and interesting writings. I live my own everyday life with ups and downs, daily tasks, work and routines and I have both good and bad days. Reading about other peoples lives gives me a feeling of togetherness, warmth and that I am a part of something greater. I get uplifted by people that share thoughts, happy moments and other positive and relatable things with the rest of the world. Putting yourself out there and sharing your life with others over the internet is not always an easy thing.

I love the fact that so many women are willing to open up and share their stories with others. Daily inspirations, outfits, recipes, birth and pregnancy stories are examples of just a few. Blogs are like virtual diaries of people inviting others in to their world. That’s sisterhood and makes life so much easier for those who walk around with the exact same thoughts as someone who has made their stories public!

Why is it that so many can’t take bloggers and blogs seriously? Especially the older generation? It is something shameful over blogging, which I despise. Blogs have helped so many people just by putting “normal” (meaning not models and actresses) women in the spotlight. I want to blog because I love it. I love to write back and forth with my readers in the comment field, and I love fashion, I want to spread a positive way to look at life and I want to be honest, let it show, and do my own thing. I want to show that it is possible to work with something your’e passionated about if you work hard enough.

Why does a “real job” have to be something that looks the same from one day to another for 25 years, that you probably don’t even enjoy, but bring you the same exact salary from month to month?

I think blogs are great because in many cases they are about real people living real lives. Blog’s are not only photo shopped models acting in a glossy magazine. Blogs are rare, naked and real and easy to identify with. It’s just depressing and distressing comparing yourself to models and actresses in a set up world. (I know I am a model, which is also why I know how fake that world is, makeup, perfect clothes, photo shop, lightning, one perfect picture chosen out of hundreds).

Now a day though, really big blogs have become more and more like those magazines and unrealistic worlds. Many big bloggers get free stuff from companies they would never be able to afford themselves, they have new clothes constantly, perfect pictures and some even have professional photographers take their pictures. Photo shop is frequently used and trips, event’s, hotel stays and other luxurious happenings are sponsored by companies. With this said I do want to point out that is the only way it should be for those bloggers whom have worked hard. They really deserve it and good work always pay’s off, but readers should remember that things have changed.
Of course it’s fun to dream away and admire luxurious lifestyles, but it is important to remember that what we now see on blogs, is no longer always a reality.

With that said, I am a proud blogger myself and I love seeing other people proudly post about their beach body, perfectly organized homes, vacations, beautiful outfits and selfies ;). But I know that those moments are all the icing on top of the cake. Behind every perfect picture there are also always those ordinary day’s and moments, that we all have in our lives, most of the time <3.

I would love to hear your thoughts around this, so please comment ;)!

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  • Period. Täysin samaa mieltä, hyvin kirjoitettu! Itse en ole lahjakas kirjoittamaan ja siksi rrrrrakastan lukea blogeja ja ihailla muiden kirjoittamisen taitoa, tämä kirjoituksesi on hyvä esimerkki – ihanaa tiistaita :)

  • Ang Moh Chick

    I feel the same. I always try to emphasize to my readers that my blog is where happiness lives, it’s the place where I want to go to feel good. I have more than enough bad days but those won’t end up in my blog ;)

    X Ang Moh Chic

    • Sofia Ruutu

      I love that. I’m the same. My blog is a place where I want to share happy thoughts and happy moments to inspire. Luckily I am a very happy person so I don’t have to hide anything :).

  • Anonymous

    Todella hyvin kirjoitettu!! :) Olen samaa mieltä. Itse etsin myös blogeista inspiraatioita ja tulen hyvälle tuulelle kivoista jutuista ja kuvista. Muiden onnistuminen ja hyvä tuuli piristää myös minua. On mielestäni outoa, jos joku kuvittelee, ettei kaikkien meidän elämässä ole ylä-ja alamäkiä, mutta sitä kaikkea ei vaan ole pakko jakaa blogissa, jos ei niin itse päätä. Kiitos tästä blogista ja jatka samaan malliin! :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Itse uskon että hymy tartuttaa joten siksi jaan mielummin hyviä hetkiä ja positiivisia ajatuksia <3

  • Elina Andersson

    Very true! I myself have started to blog very very recently as I have started a new “hobby”, photographing. At least now the blog is mostly a place where I can gather photos for people to see them, and hopefully perhaps get some joy out of the pictures. :) I think it’s nice that there are so many types of blogs these days, people write about sooo many different kinds of topics, and also from different points of view, but what is often common is that one’s own view is expressed in a way or another. At least some blogs are maybe a bit like “personalized” magazines.:)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Beautifu beautiful pictures! Stunning! I agree that it makes a blog so much more interesting if the person behind it shines through the content.


  • Anonymous

    Ihana kirjoitus, ihana Sofia!

  • Anonymous

    Täydellinen kirjoitus! Sua on kiva seurata ja kirjoitat todella hyvin! Aurinkoisia kesäpäiviä :)

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