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hair,15 August 2019

I’ve surprised myself this summer. Remember when I promised to only use paraben and sulphate free haircare products, not blow-dry or style my hair, and put extra effort into my haircare routine this summer? Well guess what, I did it! I removed my extensions in the beginning of summer and after only using these shampoos I wrote about earlier, I feel like my hair is finally recovering. It feels so much fuller and healthier.

Now when my hair feels so much better, I’m so much more excited to accessorize my hair with cool headbands, pins and scarfs! The loosely tied silk scarf is my number one favorite accessory right now, and the best thing about it is, that it’s extremely gentle on the hair too :D! I love to have good and healthy hair, so I’m gonna to try to continue with my new routine. However, life is too short to be good all the time and it’s really boring, so every now and then I’m gonna go completely crazy (hehe) and curl, straighten, blow-dry, tease, die and spray as much as I want to. Just because I want to feel super-hot every now and then ;). Who’s with me?

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Pictures: Janita Autio

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