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Fashion,Travel,23 February 2019

We have arrived in heaven; sun, sea and peace and quiet. We happen to live at a resort with a middle age over 65 which suits us very well, because we seem to have the same interests. We went to bed early and I woke up to watch the sunrise. We’re not in a rush to do anything or go anywhere because we already know we’ll get everything we came here to do done. I enjoy every minute of undisturbed working, answering emails at the breakfast table and full nights of sleep. Work to me is sometimes the perfect getaway where I get to concentrate fully on one thing at a time and therefore my brain gets a break and after being home with the kids for a week, this is much welcomed.

Yesterday we walked down to the beach and I found the biggest and most beautiful seashells. I felt like a child when hunting for one treasure after another to bring home to my children. I almost went for a dip, or at least half of my body did more or less voluntarily.

Today, we’re going for a power walk and after that pack up and shoot a couple campaigns. I’ve only been here in Marbella once before, therefore I’d love to hear from you if you have any restaurant recommendations and other must-sees? We’re staying in the old town which seems charismatic and cozy. I wasn’t that found of Puerto Banus when I was here the last time, so if you know some other places to visit, I’d love to know.

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä


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