Rule of good intention

Fashion,Outfit,20 December 2018

Have you been thinking over your new year’s resolutions yet? I have, all year actually. Other than yearly goals in my work and studies, I usually reassess and reflect over what I want within all areas of life. I don’t think new year’s resolutions always have to be about striving towards being more successful, better and get or do more. It can also be about re-routing and leaving things out. This year among other things, I’ve tried to stay away from negativity and next year I’ll focus more on inviting positivity.

I’m implementing a new way of thinking; the rule of good intention. It means that I’ll try to live life assuming that everyone acts and say things with good intentions, unless proven otherwise of course. Skeptic thinking take away more than it gives, and I really want to collect as many real friendships, relationships and positive experiences as possible.  This way of thinking will hopefully make me braver and more confident and that’s the extra push I need within all areas of life. Nevertheless, do I need to constantly remind myself to generate more positivity myself.

Other than implementing this rule of positive thinking, I want to do more free time studies that only focuses on my personal interests rather than school requirements, as well as jump fearlessly into new projects that interest me. I also want to dig deeper into my fascination in spirituality and invite more of that side into my life. And just like every other year, I need to work out more and cut down on sugar, but let’s be realistic, self-love overrules these aspirations. So, it probably won’t happen this year either ;).

coat samsoe&samsoe (borrowed)// jeans levis// tee anine bing// boots hm// bag chanel// earrings sofiaruutuxgauhar

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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