Relax it’s Friday

Fashion,Outfit,7 October 2016

I should tell myself that, because my mood wasn’t so relaxed this morning when I realized we were out of coffee beans at 5.40 am. That is a disaster difficult to save. After way too little sleep and a hectic morning, I finally sit here next to my sleeping baby with my first cup of coffee and a pile of coffee beans. Enough for a couple of years forward or so. I learn from my mistakes (and apparently others as well, since it’s someone else’s job to make sure we don’t run out ;)).

Now when I’m back to normal and all happy- clappy, I’m thinking I should clean up, do some grocery shopping and invite my sister and her hurricanes over for a relaxed (probably not the right word to describe it) Friday night. Have a good day!

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jacket samsoe & samsoe// dress cos// shoes &otherstories// necklace and bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio



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