Pretty woman moment

Fashion,Outfit,5 January 2017

Let’s go back to this pretty woman moment a couple weeks ago. How crazy cool aren’t these boots? I told you I want everything in glossy leather and I wasn’t joking. I actually  think these are perfectly fine for everyday use. It’s all in the way you combine them. Well maybe not suitable for the playground, but for living in NYC or Paris or some other fashionable big city, but the streets of Helsinki worked perfectly fine until it got covered in a blanket of white snow and -17 °C.

Right now I’m spending time at home with the kids. It’s so incredibly beautiful outside. The sun is shining and I can feel my cheeks getting frostbite just by glimpsing out from the window. Perfect opportunity to get rid of Christmas, re-arrange the apartment and clean. Tomorrow I’m gonna shoot some cold weather outfits for you. I have the perfect snow boots and I’m planning to get super comfy to match my new leisure focused lifestyle. Yes, we are talking sweat pants and long johns kind of looks. Stay tuned if you dare :D.

img_1588img_1590 img_1587 img_1592 img_1589

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Pictures by Dora Dalila

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