Mommy of duty shoes

Outfit,21 October 2014

I love these 140 Harletty boots from Louboutin. I haven’t worn them much because of the hight of the heel, sensitive material and color. Every time I look at them I create a million outfits in my head to wear them with. I really like the color even tho I usually always wear  black shoes. I almost never wear brown so cognac is a great shade for me because it looks good also worn with black.
I remember the moment when I fell in love with these particular shoes. I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham wearing them, carrying her child (do not attempt at home) and looking fabulous as always. Unfortunately I can’t handle both the shoes and a baby at the same time so these boots will just have to be my “mommy of duty”  shoes ;).

See you later alligator ;)

IMG_6748IMG_6771 IMG_6770

IMG_6743johannesjohannes 2IMG_6745
sweater santosh// shirt hm// jeans acne// boots louboutin// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Matilda


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