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Fashion,Outfit,16 June 2018

Like every summer, I feel quite tempted to forget everything, all the should do’s and go the opposite way from our normal everyday life. The more time I spend away from my laptop the worse it gets. I lose my inspiration to write and my head feels quite empty. The only thing that makes me return to writing is you. All the touching emails, instant messages on Instagram and of course meeting you in person. It’s just easily forgotten when I sit here by myself and you are on the other side.

Yesterday I decided to go through our entire storage and empty it from baby stuff. It was so touching and me and my husband reminisced and talked about the memories the clothes brought up. I saved only a few pieces per child and gave the rest to charity. Felt good to get rid of it all, but the minimal pieces of clothing made me super nostalgic and touched. How did my today so big girl and boy fit into those small clothes? Did I really carry them in my belly?

Has your summer holiday started yet? I can’t decide whether to stay in town or pack our bags and move to the cottage. The kids are still in daycare, but I’m eager to kick off our holiday already. I’d love to get away and push the stop button. I want the days to float together and get lost in time. We’ll see if we can make it work…

Today I’ve walked around town looking for some small details that will freshen up our home. I bought a yellow flower pot, pillows and a new plant. I love to keep my environment fresh and fun. It gives me so much energy.

These pictures are probably the last set of pictures from our vacation. This silver dress is amazing (especially when it’s steamed) and I’m so glad I finally decided to get it after weeks of serious contemplation. It’s from the conscious exclusive collection from H&M and made out of silk. Perfect with sneakers and leather jacket as well (and as usual ;)).

Now it’s time for me to make myself a nice salad before baby G wakes up from his nap. Have a great weekend!


Queens and dots

Fashion,Outfit,13 June 2018

This dress was very much longed for in my life. I’m glad I was early on it, because it sold out in a blink of an eye. After posting it on my Instagram, it also became a must have among my friends. Dots are everywhere this year, but that doesn’t bother me at all, because I’ve always loved the pattern. I’ve loved dots ever since I saw my mum wear a very similar dress when I was a child. She wore it to the beach one day and I remember that specific day very clearly. I have a tendency to connect memories with what people around me or I was wearing. Anyone else who recognizes a similar pattern?

Earlier today, I attended the Samsoe&Samsoe event where I got a little sneak peek at the upcoming collections SS2019 and FW2019. Lots of yellow, brown, emerald green and burgundy. I fell for a Chanel inspired set in brown-ish tweed. Can’t wait for it to hit the stores!

For the rest of the day, I’m planning to take some time off and do something fun with the kids. I’ll work when they are asleep instead, and after that I’m treating myself with an episode of The Queen. Nothing has inspired me fashion wise as much as this series has in a long while. Why can’t we all wear gowns and massive jewelry every day? It would be magical.

dress kappahl// shoes filippa k// scrunchie gauhar

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä