Apps, sugar addiction and favorite jeans

Fashion,Outfit,16 October 2017

This week my favorites include apps, candy, candles, lipstick and jeans. Here you go:

VSCO. My photographer introduced me to this app some years ago and whenever I edit my photos I do it  though this app only. Lately, I’ve been editing most of my pictures myself, unless I’ve had the luxury to work with one of my talented photographers. My favorite filters are A5 and A6 and these are the only once I use. However, I never use them to the full extent. After putting on the filter and adjusting it to the right level I add light, contrast and maybe temperature.

UNUM. This app is life changing and a must have for all influencers and visual dreamers. Download it if you don’t already have it. Unum copies your existing Instagram feed and offers you an empty field to plan, play and try your upcoming field. Drag around your pictures, delete and edit again to get full control and overview of your existing and future Instagram feed in advance.

Lee jeans. When I finally found the perfect pair of mom jeans. Whenever I wear jeans I seem to always prefer grey. I love to combine grey jeans with a white or black top, beige or soft pink knit. It’s more casual than black and somehow less preppy than blue. I have totally fallen for these jeans from Lee because the fit is perfect and so is the wash. Love them!

Tom ford lipstick. Tom Ford beauty is finally available in Finland! I received a luxurious delivery including perfumes and two amazing lipsticks. One rosy nude and this chili red one. I’ve been using both non-stop!

Lakrids. Yeah yeah, like I would need a new obsession for my sweet tooth. I though I was doing so well and I actually was, until I ate an entire jar of these wonderful chocolate covered liquorish in one seating. Now I can’t pass by Stockman without feeling the force stronger than gravity towards the Lakrids section.

Scented candles. Philosophy Blues Original have their own scented candles developed specially for them. The scent is so good it’s almost eatable and I actually sent an email to the representatives in Finland begging for a bottle of perfume with the same scent. Fingers crossed.

cardigan marita huurinainen// jeans lee// boots zara// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

let’s take a break

Fashion,Outfit,14 October 2017

In honor of the pink month I couldn’t resist this car that’s become very blog famous lately. It’s just so darn cute and matched my hoodie perfectly. Today I’m studying for an upcoming exam all day and the same pattern will get repeated until Tuesday with a few breaks for kids, food, sleep, personal hygiene and other essentials like blogging and scrolling through Instagram, hehe.

Right now I’m studying for the course Organizational behaviour which I find very interesting. Even though school feels stressful at times, there are so many reasons why I’ve always studied along with whatever work I’ve practiced. It strengthens my self -esteem  and backs me up when in doubt of my own abilities. Just the process itself is rewarding and useful.

At the end of next week I’ll be taking a break from schoolwork and work and just be. Thanks to my new camera I’ve managed to shoot material in advance so that I can take a little break. Any suggestions on what I should do during those days? Book recommendations, movies or places to visit?

puffer samsoe& samsoe// scarf balmuir// sweatshirt dress defshop// sunglasses gucci//bag chanel