one piece

Uncategorized,6 May 2017
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bomber hm// one piece and shoes puma (gifted)// choker glitter (gifted)// sunglasses celine

How come I never knew how much I love the sun? I know I’m talking about the weather again, but why not mention it in a positive spirit in contrast to all weather hating Facebook updates. I’ve never had anything against darkness, cold and long winters. However the energy and good mood I get from this amazing weather and light surprises me. I wake up before the kids long before 6 am and want to spend every given minute outdoors.

Since fast walks is the only form of exercise I practice at the moment I love that the time has arrived for lighter layers and the possibility to wear sportswear. This one piece feels amazing on. I love it so much I feel kind bad wearing since I want to “save” it.

Today I’m having my sisters kid over. What better way to spend the weekend than with a house full of children?! Park and play time on the schedule all weekend long. Cheers (with coffee)!


time to trench

Uncategorized,4 May 2017

Hurry hurry summer is visiting. I love this weather! Today I’m gonna ditch the stockings and go bare legged. It’ s always a little scary to undress and flaunt more skin, but better get used to it when given the chance. It’s like ripping off the bandage. Once it’s done you won’t regret it.

Right now I’m taking my in- between seasons coats and jackets out for a little strut. The trench coat is really hot and spot on this season. Classic models always work but also trench coats with a twist. Interesting materials, glitter and embroidery. I’m dusting off my classic Burberry trench, but when the rest is simple enough this close to perfection suede one becomes the cherry on top.

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trench andiata// jeans anine bing// shoes ecco// bag chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio