Home alone

Fashion,6 July 2019

I spent three days completely alone before the kids and husband came home yesterday. It felt so weird being here. Almost like when I used to live abroad by myself. I felt like a stranger in my own city, leaving and coming home all alone and nothing had changed in the apartment while I was away. Being home alone is so unusual but felt really good.

During these past few days, I tried to squeeze in as much as possible. I worked late in the evenings but made time for friends in between. On Wednesday I met up with two of my girlfriends for dinner and drinks and the night didn’t end before 2.30 am, where after I started to organize my closet ;).

On Thursday morning I had breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot Relove 5kulma, also with a friend I haven’t seen in a little while. After that I visited the eye doctor and finally got an appointment for surgery! So, in two weeks my eye will hopefully be all good, or at least better.

I’ve also had some time to just walk around downtown and hang out at home doing nothing. I’ve eaten crackers for dinner and ordered in. I’ve really maximized my time not being responsible of anyone else but myself. However, now I’m so happy to have my family back and soon ready to return back to the country side in the middle of fields and cows.

knit Softgoat// dress Zara// sunglasses Chimi// bag Dior

Pictures:Juuli Rönkä

If I can’t wear nothing…

Fashion,4 July 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Ellos

…I’ll wear a bikini or swimsuit. Isn’t it weird, that in May it feels so difficult, too revealing and daring almost, to drop the stockings and be bare legged? But in July, all I want is to spend my days wearing Tarzan’s uniform ;D.

In collaboration with Ellos, I’ve picked some of my favorite looks for a day on the beach (here) and offer you a 30% discount on the most expensive item in your purchase including a lot of external brands (not furniture). Discount available on ordinary prices only.The code is: 395446and is valid until 31/7.

My favorites are the black and white pieces. Especially the bikini top #4.

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