Fashion,Outfit,9 November 2018

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Hi! Sorry for being absent for a few days. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had two full days of modelling for others than my own channels this week, so I’ve lost many good hours of screen time. Now I finally handed in my school assignment that I’ve been working on both day and night, so now I’m staking the rest of the day off. We’re picking up the kids earlier for some family time and then I’m actually going out for dinner with my husband.

The rest of the weekend will however be spent in front of the computer again. I’m not complaining though, because my goal is to just push forward until December. It will be here sooner than we realize and then, I’m rewarding myself with some well-deserved time off. Well, at least from school. When I don’t have school to think about it feels like a vacation already ;).

Here is a sugary sweet look from the ByMalina pre-spring collection. I just had to show you, because I love the color of the skirt and top. It’s the perfect berry pink! I would pair the skirt with a chunky knit for daytime (like here) and wear it as a set for nighttime. Now I’d better start getting ready before it’s go time. Have a lovely evening!

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

It’s the best time of the year

interior,7 November 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// Paid collaboration with Ellos

When it comes to holidays, Christmas is my number one holiday. It’s all about dreams, hopes, togetherness and peace. The most important things in life I think, but it’s also the perfect mental goal to survive these dark months before Christmas. Something to look forward to and plan for.

Writing this post and going through the pages at Ellos, really puts me in the perfect pre-Christmas mood. Creating a cozy, inspiring and most of all inviting environment is extremely valuable and important to me. Especially, since I’m brought up in a home where my mother has made a big effort when it comes to home decor. It’s a part of my childhood I remember clearly. My mother is one of those mums who really enjoyed pimping the home for holidays, therefore I want to do the same for my children and of course myself.

Since I’m obsessed with interior design and esthetics in general, I thought I’d make some mood boards for you to get inspired by. My Christmas colors are not only the classic Christmas colors, but I love to mix soft pink with burgundy and different colors of grey. Details in brass brings warmth into the home, so that is for sure a very important detail I like.

These mood boards mirror exactly how I’ve built my entire interior at home. I have a few tips that I use myself, to change up our interior into a cozier more winter-ish environment. For example, I love to keep the base light, but exchange our sheets for charcoal colored sheets. It instantly gives a completely different feeling. Also, rich velvet makes everything feel much softer and more luxurious. Heavier materials and tones as well as more fabric in general, is what I opt for. So easy and effortless but makes a huge difference!

I just had to include this white (comes in other colors as well) bed vail, since I have it myself, and it is the eye catcher of my children’s room. I put it over my children’s bunk bed, but it works just as well over any bed, couch or in a cozy fairy tale corner. This is a must-have!

Gifts are of course a big part of Christmas and I love that, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what to buy, since so many of us have everything we need and more. Nevertheless, I love giving and I love giving things that are luxurious and usable at the same time. My go-to gifts are sheets, new crisp and soft towels, table linen, candles, soap and so on. Gifts like these never fail and even the smallest gifts become so much nicer in a nice wrapping. This year, I’m going to order this gorgeous grey wrapping paper and tie a pine tree branch with gold and red velvet ribbon.

Find everything on my mood boards along with much more here at the Ellos Christmas department! Do like me, and do yourself a favor and order some gifts for your loved once and yourself already, so you don’t have to stress so much closer to Christmas :)!