By the pool

Fashion,15 May 2019

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Ellos:n kanssa// In paid collaboration with Ellos

Approximately one week left until I’m half and half. Half of me on vacation and the other half assuring that business keeps on rolling as usual ;). I have a lot of fun in mind before that, but in a bit more than a week my mind will be on the off-duty side and so will my wardrobe. I can already visualize myself wearing this leopard swimsuit with the black wrap skirt while I zip on that mocktail by the pool or wherever I may be.

Ellos is like a candy shop right now- full of prints, colors and cuts that tickles my fancy. I love this collage and could see myself wearing every single piece. Hope you like it too.

As we have created this little habit together where I share a discount code you get to shop with, I don’t see any reason why we should stop ;). Now you get 30 % off the most expensive item (including external brands) in a purchase. The discount is valid until 31.5 on ordinary prices.

CODE: 460008

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Mother’s Day affirmations

personal,12 May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums who do their very best, unselfishly, every single day. I am forever grateful to my own mum for being so supportive, loving and such a great role model. She isn’t perfect, and that is something I am very grateful for today in my own role as a mother. We are so good at putting pressure on ourselves, comparing ourselves and trying to be super women today, therefore I believe that vulnerability, weakness’ and imperfections are extremely important to show as well. We put enough expectations on ourselves and walk around feeling guilty about all the things we didn’t manage to achieve, represent and do. I would never want my children to grow up feeling that kind of pressure from me. So, showing our shortcomings is only healthy I think.

And also, a big thank you to my amazing kids who are my true saviors in life. They teach me to live in the moment, to feel alive, to see the beauty in the simplest things, to love and value myself more and to appreciate every person’s uniqueness. They are so purely optimistic, curious, open minded and liberal. My kids are superstars and I’m privileged to be a part of their lives.

Pictures by Janita Autio