packed up for Stockholm

Fashion,Outfit,13 February 2018

On my way towards the airport now. I’m invited by Puma for the Kenza x Puma show and dinner. I also invited Juuli to come with me. We’ll be filming our trip and shoot lots of content for you guys! I love to get efficient and dive into work mode. That’s why I decided to fill up these bags and maximize my stay in Stockholm for the next couple days. Now, all we have to do is hope for decent weather.

I usually pack light and spend my holiday trips completely makeup free and skip on accessories and everything extra. I’m usually everything but fashionable and don’t brush my hair for days while on holiday. These trips are different. Everything is planned out and scheduled by the minute. It’s different, but I like this way as well. Love to be surrounded by others in this industry. Being able to relax and do my work without having to explain myself is refreshing. It’s actually rather surreal, because we are all kind of dining and mingling, but at the same time everyone is working and perhaps even shooting and creating content for their channels. We get together and experience all of these things for you to take part of in one way or another! I’m glad we do, because it’s so much fun communicating everything we do for you. Hope you’ll be with me this time as well.


hat onar (gifted)// luggage samsonite//bag chanel// shoes ellos// coat filippa k

Pictures by Mona Salminen

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