Over ambitious?

Fashion,21 January 2019

Let’s return to this old but not forgotten outfit I wore in Paris. I ’ve always loved tweed sets and especially the combo boxy jacket and mini skirt. There’s something very French and Chanel-ish over it that I love. I actually got a glittery version of this that I wore the other day. I’ll show you later!

Today, I’m trying to collect inner strength to mentally prepare myself for a math course I’m taking at school this spring. It’s unfair, because I’m actually dangerously allergic to math! Whatever, I guess I just have to suck it up like everyone else. Other than school and work and life in general, I’ve become very eager on exercising as well. I might even join the active exercising-mum group from daycare. I also promise to start Pilates and continue with my yoga, spinning and power walks. Watch out beach 2019 ;)!

How has your year and week started?

skirt and jacket samsoe&samsoe (borrowed)// boots &otherstories// sunglasses vintage// bag chanel

Pictures By Juuli Rönkä

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  • Aika jännä tuo asu, mietin ja yritän tarkkaan katsoa, onko taskut hieman kohollaan kankaasta vai onko niissä vain läpät, jotka nousevat pintaan. Tulee sellainen jännä kolmiulotteinen vaikutelma. Tosi hyvännäköinen asu, varsinkin sun päällä!

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