personal,14 October 2019

Sometimes I keep what I promise ;)… So, the news we’ve been waiting a month to get got confirmed this morning. We are moving to a new home! We haven’t been searching for a new apartment because we love our home, but I guess you just know when you know.  I’m super excited, because this time, we’ll get to decide everything from scratch. The apartment is old and needs to be renovated quite a bit so it will take a year or two until we actually get to move in. But for now, let the renovation begin!


  • Linda

    Ihanaa! Onnea kovasti! Tuletko jakamaan sisustus ja remppajuttuja myös blogissa? :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Kiitos paljon. On kyllä jännää, sillä en ole koskaan aijemmin tehnyt mitään remonttia :). Kyllä, ainakin Instagram storyn puolella jaan varmasti kurkistuksia rempasta jos se teitä kiinnostaa :D.

  • Lisa Lahti

    Sofia, warmest congrats! If you need glass dividers or shower walls or bathroom accessories for your new home you know where to ask 🖤

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Thank you, I’m so excited and a bit nervous :). I will for sure keep you in mind :). Hope you got the serums btw?

  • Kaisa

    Congratulations Sofia!! You will have exiting times ahead of you :)
    Moving to a new home is like a new beginning, and when you are able to design and plan the renovation yourselves, it’ll be just perfect for you and your family <3

    Would be nice to see some home decor inspiration posts along the way, if you don't mind sharing your renovation plans…

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Thank you. It’s really fun and exciting. I will fo course share interior things, but it will take a long time till we get to the point of home decor. First we plan and change the floor plan and then comes all the rest ;)

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