Outfit,7 September 2015
Sofia Ruutu OOTD

My weekend in numbers

On Friday we celebrated 2 become 1 when my dear mother got married in the beautiful surroundings of Tammisaari.

My best friend turned 27 which just happens to be my personal “adult age”. When I was a child, 27 was the age I imagined myself to get married, have children, live in a house and have a sparkling career that I love, as well as behave, look and feel like an adult.

We celebrated Greta’s cousin turn 5. Wonderful party with happy crazy children running around everywhere.

6 is the amount of hours spent yesterday only in the company of another adult. Me and Dora drove to Porvoo to shoot some outfit pictures, hang out and dine at a really cute place called Gabriel 1763. It was Greta- daddy day,which I spent it in the best way possible.

6 is the amount of cinnamon buns I ate during the weekend and I still have 2 fresh ones haunting me in the kitchen. Help!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD

cardigan minimum// dress nelly (gifted)// shoes zara// bag and brooch chanel// sunglasses ray ban

Pictures by Dora Dalila


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