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Fashion,25 June 2019

Pictures from one morning in my hotel room wearing my wildest swimsuit without knowing where, when or if I would leave the hotel room at all that day. I had no plans and nowhere to be at. Just going with the flow. That feeling describes today’s mood except that I’m responsible for my children’s entertainment, which of course is a full-time job during summer :P.

Speaking of children, I really have to say that this year’s family vacation was completely different from last year. It’s getting easier one baby step at a time. And guess what? I was even able to write some emails on the train on the way to the cottage. That was a time stopping realization for me. It only required lollipops, a slide and some cartoons, but I seriously think I got 15 minutes in complete silence. That has never happened before. So, what I wanted to say is that it must be true what they say. These years pass faster than we can imagine. It really hit me a few weeks ago, how much easier and smoother everything has gotten lately.

Now, I’ll return to chilling and working on my own little summer house projects while I solve arguments, play and spend time with my kiddos.

swimsuit Daisy Grace

Pictures: Juuli Rönkä

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