My weekend and what I wore

Outfit,12 October 2014


Good evening! This weekend has been good but it passed by really quickly. On Friday me and hubs went to the Hugo Boss flagship store opening followed by a beautiful dinner at Savoy. Yesterday we went to a birthday bash and after that we had a play date scheduled at home with Greta’s cousin. Today I took a two hour long walk with a sleeping baby in the strollers and after that we went to my fathers for Sunday brunch.
I am really grateful, happy and hopeful because Greta decided to wake up only  2-3 times a night (!) these past two days! I can’t even tell you how rested and calm I’ve been this weekend :D. Praying for more nights like these to come!
All in all I’ve had  a great weekend filled with only fun activities and next week will be both exciting and productive I’m sure. Tomorrow you can take part in a lottery here on the blog that you don’t want to miss out on (trust me). And I will also update the blog flea with some winter coats and knits etc.

Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite ;)


IMG_0965IMG_0968IMG_0949 IMG_0939 IMG_0936 IMG_0963 IMG_0958

jacket zara// dress& gloves hm// boots louboutin// bag saint laurent


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