My weekend

Fashion,4 March 2019

Good morning! This past weekend was all about children’s parties. First up was my own sons party that he’s been waiting for and talking about for ages. He’s obsessed with Star Wars at the moment, so the party was Star Wars/dinosaur themed and now we have a little Darth Wader living with us. Quite adorable.

I went for my first jog with a friend of mine last night. So far so good, and I’m contemplating whether it’s a good idea to go again today. I actually hate running on concrete, but I’m too lazy to go any further for my runs so I better just get over it.

Now I’m gonna continue with my wardrobe makeover for a couple of hours before I have to run for my meetings.

jacket daisy&grace// trousers exert panno

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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