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Fashion,4 June 2019

Hi! This Tuesday feels and acts like Monday, but I can’t complain because I started this morning with lymphatic drainage at my number one place Tähtiolo where after, me, hubby and our friends had lunch at my favorite lunch place Hoku. I always order the same (the teriyaki salmon), which I usually do no matter what restaurant we eat at. Why is it like that though, why do we get stuck on certain routines? I’m like that when it comes to most things, everything from how I do my makeup, style my hair, go through my morning and how I eat. Anyhow, now I’m home for just a minute before I have to run for my next appointment.

This week is full of wonderful treats for me because tomorrow, I have my second acupuncture treatment. Kind of excited but at the same time I’m horrified. I hate needles!

These pictures are from Nice, where I also purchased this cute little dress and the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. They are dangerously good to walk in and makes every single step so soft and easy. I kind of want them in a few different colors now, so that I can match them with every outfit.

How has your week been so far?

jacket hollies stockholm// dress kooples// shoes adidas// sunglasses gucci// bag chanel

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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