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Health,5 June 2022

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö La Roche-Posay :n kanssa// Paid collaborationwith La Roche-Posay

Finally, it’s summer! Oh, how I have waited for it. Not just because winter has felt like it’s lasted forever due to the pandemic, but I’ve missed the energy I get from the light and warmth. This summer will be a little bit different from these past couple of years. We haven’t travelled,not once as a family in three years, butnow it’s finally time for a real family vacation in the sun! However, before that there’s quite a lot to do. We are finally moving into our new home during the next two weeks, and we have a couple of weddings to attend. Then I’m hoping for some weeks at the summer cabin as well. This summer is so packed with amazing activities it almost feels like it’s going too fast.
Whenever I get the chance to enjoy the sun, I do, and as you probably all know by now I always want to make sure both me and my family stay protected from the sun.My last post for La Roche-Posay was all about sun protection for the face. Here are my favorite products for the body.
Some years ago, I asked you on Instagram which sunscreens were your favorites for you and your children. The majority answered La Roche-Posay and that’s the beginning of my journey with the ANTHELIOS products for the body. Now, it’s the only sunscreen my children really like. It’s easy to apply and feels comfortable on the skin without leaving the skin feeling sticky.What I value the most is the high UVA and UVB protection and the fact that the products are developed for sensitive skin, which is perfect for me who burn easily. I also appreciate that the formula absorbs fastinto the skin and doesn’t clog pores.My favorites from the ANTHELIOS series for the body are ANTHELIOS Dermo-pediatrics 50+ invisible spray for the children and Eco-Conscious SPF50+for myself. I love the feeling of a lotion, hence the choice of tube, but for my kids we appreciate a super-fast application that’s easy to re-apply on the go.
Click here for my favorite!
Remember to check your sunscreenproductsfor the expiration date. Theymight not be safe to use after a while, so to make sure you get the full effect I recommend updating them regularly.La Roche-Posay is a pharmacy brand recommended by dermatologists and developed for sensitive skin. ANTHELIOS products can be purchased in pharmacies.
Click here for my kids favorite!

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