My day + my favorite comfort food

Fashion,5 September 2020

Today our little family spent the day at my mums, because her and her husband celebrated their wedding anniversary. We got pancakes with whipped cream and jam (my favorite comfort food) and went for a little walk in the park. I even got to cuddle with my newest nephew and inhale the perfect scent of a newborn. Love family focused days on the weekend! Can’t come up with a better way to relax, be present in the moment and just be myself. After my mums we drove to Kirkkonummi to visit our friends and eat pizza. What a perfect day it was in all its simplicity. What did you do?

Ps. I can highly recommend this nylon Prada bag I purchased a couple weeks back! I’ve worn it so much already and it’s so relaxed looking, fits so much more than expected and looks super cute ;)


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