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Beauty,21 October 2015
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I always prefer to do my makeup myself, even though I know the wonders makeup artist can do on me. Less is more is my motto, and I’m only looking to enhance and create a more rested and re-freshed version of myself. Most days I spend makeup free or then I do a quickie in just a few simple steps that doesn’t require more than five minutes. So, I will now take you through my 5 minute makeup routine, step by step.


Step 1- Moisture and glow.

After cleaning my face I apply an eye cream and a hydrating tinted moisturizer. This one from Estelle & Thild is perfect for me and doesn’t cover too much still leaving my skin feeling soft, moisturized and fresh.

Creating Glow is my number one priority and life saver for a mother with dry and pale skin. This strobe cream from Mac offers the perfect amount of glow without containing any shimmer. I apply a small amount on cheek bones, below my brows, nose and above my upper lip.


Step 2- Create the perfect base.

I start by applying concealer in the inner corners of my eyes. At the moment I use one from Mac, but I’m not picky. Any concealer will do. This pan stick from Maxfactor is an old goodie that I’ve had in my makeup bag for years and years. I use it a little here and there to cover up zits, redness and to give my eye lids an even color and base.

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Step 3- Contouring and highlighting.

My favorite step. Blush and contouring makes all the difference and instantly bring some color to the face as well as an over all healthier look. I always start by applying the lightest shade (champagne) on my eye lids as an eyeshadow and on the highest part of my cheek bones. After that I follow by sweeping the darkest shade (matte) precisely under my cheekbones following the natural shadows of my bone structure. I Finnish off with some pink blush on the softest part of my cheeks to bring out softness and some color in my face.

I use the large angled brush (second one in the picture above) for highlighting, contouring and blush. For my eyes I use the brush intended for applying eyeshadow (first one in the picture above).

IMG_4535 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_Film_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_08 IMG_4536

Step 5- Brows.

Love this duo eye brow palette from Anastasia. Perfect shades and stays on all day without shedding or fading. After brushing my brows I simply fill in my natural brows mixing both shades, using the angled eye brow brush. I also fixate my brows with gel or hair spray, but I don’t have any specific product that I love, which is why I’m not recommending any particular here.

Step 6- Dramatic Lashes.

My mascara’s have to be blacker than black and I prefer volume over length. This mascara from Dior is excellent apart from the enormous brush that makes it difficult to reach the smallest lashes  in the corner of the eyes. I only wear mascara on the upper lashes since I don’t want an enlarging effect on my eyes.

IMG_4543 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_Film_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_07 IMG_4546

Step 7- Kissable lips.

Yes, I want my lips to be kissable, soft and smooth. Who doesn’t ? I Can’t stand the thought of smudging lip gloss all over either my daughter or husband, which is why I’ve dropped all the glossy glosses and switched to lipsticks instead. I used to only wear lip balm and I still do most of the time, but I think lipsticks are a lot of fun and can be that little cherry on top of the cake.

My true favorite will always be bright red, but since I’ve started to wear lipstick also during daytime and more casually, I’ve found myself a few favorites in more natural shades. This YSL one is beautiful. I love lipsticks in beautiful and decorative packages since it’s the only piece of makeup I carry with me in my purse. This shade is the perfect nude for me. Not too beige and not too pink, just perfect.

In these pictures I’m sporting a gorgeous and smooth shade from Clinique. It’s the perfect everyday kind of red and looks really good paired with a simple and light eye makeup.

The pinkish one from Makeup Store is heavenly and my true favorite. It’s matte and dry without feeling or looking dry  on the lips. I love it so much I’m going to have to hoard up on it.

IMG_4545 JTuliniemi_SofiaR_Film_1600px_96dpi_sRGB_09

Products used creating the look featured in these pictures:       

Estelle & Thild biodefence eye cream

Estelle & Thild biohydrate tinted moisturizer

MAC strobe cream

MAC prep+prime light boost concealer

Maxfactor pan stick true beige 12

Sleek contour kit medium

Sleek blush pink lemonade 369

Anastasia eye brow  powder medium brown

Dior show mascara in black

Clinique 06 roomiest rose lip pencil

Other products mentioned:

YSL rouge pur couture 70  lipstick

Make up store french lilac lip pencil

Pictures of me by J.Tuliniemi



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