my 3 spring favorites

Fashion,17 April 2019

Good afternoon! How are you spending your Easter? I’m planning to leave town for a couple of days to reload on family time and spend time outside. Yes, I know, I always repeat the same pattern whenever it’s a public holiday, but let’s all remember I actually went out clubbing last weekend ;). Now I’m allowed to return to my granny habits, no? Never going all out like that again though. I’ve paid for the loss of one night’s sleep ever since. Maybe next time finding a balance would be optimal. Dinner and drinks would have been enough but staying up til five in the morning was a bit exaggerated, although I had lots of fun.

This week, I’ve been planning for the upcoming couple of weeks and trying to schedule everything. I’m going to Sweden for a job and planning another work trip. However, I’m trying to wrap up school as fast as possible because after these courses I’m kind of on “summer holiday”. That feeling is almost exactly as amazing as it was as a child, except that summer goes by so much faster nowadays. And winter for that matter. It feels like summer literally just ended and now we are almost in May already.

In this outfit it seems like I’ve stacked up on all 3 of my spring favorites; florals, airy and comfortable sets and like every spring- soft pink.

coat, trousers and top andiata// boots zara// bag chanel// sunglasses ray ban// earrings gauhar

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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