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Did you have a good weekend? Did it fulfill your needs and desires? My weekend did, and I think I’m sticking to this winning concept for the weekends ahead. We spent both free days in the country side, but on Saturday night we went for dinner with a group of families. On Sunday morning I wanted to leave the city as soon as possible, so we dove back to the cottage to play in nature and go for a walk. Natural light has a big impact on our well-being and sleep, and because I’ve had problems with my sleep, I’m trying to spend a lot of time outside. I’m actually writing this post from the church steps on my way home from school.

A new period started at school today and I’ve tripled my input for this period. Today I studied business ethics and I’m very much looking forward to the course gender management. Finally courses I find interesting for real! I can almost feel my brain working like a hard drive when I read something new I never thought of before. This period until Christmas will be quite anti-social. It’s a choice I’ve made to lock myself into my office room after the kids are asleep and study or work. However, weekends are all about letting go and recharge. Rest is so important for all sort of development, and development is a thing I value for myself no matter age or life situation.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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