Mom jeans

Fashion,Outfit,13 December 2016

I’m a mom, therefore I wear mom jeans? I’ve been kind of unsure whether I like them or not but now I’ve found a pair I really like. This unwashed and straight cut keeps it simple and classy. Maybe I just have to accept that light, washed jeans aren’t meant for me no matter how cool the classic Levis 501 look on others.

It’s weird how our eyes get used to new things. Slowly but surely things I used to almost despise sneaks into my my head and wardrobe and all of a sudden I find myself wearing them everyday. These stretch boots with a chunky heel are my new go-to footwear and I almost can’t imagine myself to pull on those thin spike heels again. Stretch boots paired with mom jeans is a combo I’ll be rocking until it’s time for bare ankles again. How about you?

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coat mango// jeans lindex (gifted)// boots nelly (gifted)// bag & earrings chanel

Pictures by Janita Autio

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