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Fashion,20 March 2019

Is it ok to have popcorn for lunch today? Maybe not, but since I quit sugar (Monday ;)), I’ve been craving salt like never before. I’m still in bed dressed in my cashmere robe, trying to listen to video seminars, work on collab posts, browse on Net-A-Porter and complete quizzes. I must have some sort of concentration disability, because I actually get anxiety from doing only one task at a time. I need to jump from one to another to keep it interesting and fresh in my head and my concentration in order.

I thought I’d pass on sharing these pictures because I have toothpaste all over my dress, but then I felt like logging in real quick to say hi. And, since this look goes quite well with the sunny weather we have today (+ I miss that tan), I decided to go for it anyways. This Realisation Par dress is one of my favorites although, it’s extremely short. I wouldn’t wear it bare legged here in Finland, but as soon as I leave the country and my alter ego takes over, I all of a sudden can’t come up with a single reason why short isn’t a good idea?!

Shine on loves!

dress realisation par// bag zara// sunglasses ray ban// sandals hermes

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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